Why You Should Get Yourself A Set Of Learning Targets For The Common Core State Standards

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D.B. said...

(I don't know if this went through, so I apologize if this is a repeat)

Hello, I teach second grade and I was noticing your ELA and Math bundles. I do love them. It looks like you have spent some time on them. 1st year at a new site for me---not a lot of extra time. :-)

Couple questions: Is there any difference between the bundled ones and the individual? 2) If I buy one of the bundles now, and I find that my team would like to use them; would I be able to buy a license later? 3) Besides the file labels, are any of the other documents editable?

Thank you,
Derrick Bright

Learning Engineer said...

Hi Derrick, there is no difference between the two. I sell them separately since some teachers teach in only one of the content areas. Yes you can go to your purchases on TPT and buy additional licenses anytime. The file labels are the only documents that are editable. Thanks for your interest : )

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